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Come celebrate the Chinese New Year with us tonight as we bid farewell to the Year of the Tiger and welcome the New Year of the Rabbit. There will be a lion dance, refreshments, and various demonstrations of Chinese kung fu throughout the evening. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been a bit busy and it's been a pretty busy summer too.
We had tons of fun at "Tons of Fun" at Tanglewood Mall in February.
We were at Festival in the Park a couple times this year too.
And we were even asked to perform a lion dance and demo some kung fu at a wedding! (We all wish the newlywed couple much Prosperity and Happiness! :D)
Some of just got back from Wong's People Tournament III last week. It's always great to meet other Chinese kung fu practitioners and to see all the different styles and everyone who's put in a lot of hard work into their kung fu!

More Pictures!!
I've finally updated some links to more photos of our demos and stuff under Pictures. Check out the ones by lschafferphotography! There's a lot of great photos in there! And thanks to her for posting them!

Lesson Notes for Chinese classes have been posted and are available in Word or PDF. Many Thanks to Wang lao shi for teaching us and offering the files!
Saturday, June 7th: Come see Kung Fu Panda at the Carmike 10 (Tanglewood) theater! We'll be doing short demos before the movies! :D

Speaking of movies, look out for Alex in Hancock!

Saturday, May 17th, we'll be at Local Colors!
Saturday, May 24th at 5pm, we'll be at Festival in the Park at Kaleidoscope stage in front of the library.
Our very own Alex Huynh is in National Geographic's Fight Science!
Watch it Sunday, August 20th at 9PM ET/PT on The National Geographic Channel.
Here's a Video Preview. The 2005 Festival in the Park is here!
Bring your friends and come see us again!
  • Monday, May 30, 3:00 PM : Shenandoah Life Insurance Kaleidoscope Children’s Theatre
  • Saturday, June 4, 3:00 PM : Shenandoah Life Insurance Kaleidoscope Children’s Theatre
  • Sunday, June 5, 3:00 PM : Amphitheater (following the Russian American Children's Circus).

Shaolin Dragons Kung-Fu Raffle
We are having a raffle to raise funds for the school.

Grand Prize is a New 2001 Kawasaki 125 Street Bike.
The Runner-Up Prize is $100.

Raffle tickets are $5 donation each.
To get your ticket, stop by the school or come see us at our demos at Festival in the Park.
Click here for more pictures and info.

Join us as we have been asked to help celebrate the Capital Holiday Tree's visit to Roanoke at the Farmer's Market in Downtown, Wednesday, Nov. 24.

Congratulations! to the students who competed in the tournament in Bassett this past weekend.

Sorry, there hasn't been an update in a while...

So first of all:
Congratulations! to the students who competed in the tournament in Rocky Mount earlier this month.

Our Halloween Party is Friday evening, October 29, 6 PM
Come by and have some fun! Admission is just a bag of candy and you should be in costume.
If you're planning on sleeping over, please bring $5/person to cover pizza & drinks.
We'll have games, a couple of XBox's networked together as well as a Playstation2 and maybe some movies.

Look for us at Festival in the Park. They've scheduled us for demos:
  • Sunday, May 30, 1:00PM : NBC Bank Festival Stage
  • Sunday, May 30, 2:00PM : Shenandoah Life Kaleidoscope Children's Theater
  • Monday, May 31, 2:00PM : Shenandoah Life Kaleidoscope Children's Theater
  • Saturday, June 5, 4:00PM : Shenandoah Life Kaleidoscope Children's Theater
  • Sunday, June 6, 3:00PM : Shenandoah Life Kaleidoscope Children's Theater
  • No classes today as we'll being doing a demo at Cave Springs Jr High for their annual Social Studies Fair/International Night.

    The Shaolin Dragons have a New, PERMANENT home!
    From now on, we will be at 3336 Williamson Rd.

    It is at the intersection of Williamson Rd and Huntington; on the corner opposite of the Suntrust Bank.

    It's a nice place with LOTS of space to practice in! It'll need a little work and cleaning up; but we're all excited and dedicated. We're going to put in a lot of work and love into making this place nice. : )

    Thanks to everyone who has helped so far!

    Classes have moved again. Classes will now be at the Saint Elias Catholic Church, 4730 Cove Rd NW, Roanoke, VA. From Peters Creek Rd NW, going north, turn R onto Cove Rd at the Sheetz gas station and it shouldn't be too far from there..

    First of all, a BIG Thanks to everyone who donated and everyone who helped (and everyone who bought stuff!) at the various yard sales. We actually finally got some sunshine during the June weekends and were able to have the sales. The proceeds from the sales are much appreciated and go towards the school, especially in our time of transition ...

    After 15 years, Thursday, July 10th will be the last class at the Williamson Road location. Classes will resume in August at the Summerdean Church of the Brethren (6604 Plantation Road) until a more permanent location can be established.
    We aren't be going away. We're just in the middle of moving. (For the curious, the school has been in 2 other locations before Williamson Road: the YMCA (7 years) and Church Ave (another 7 years).)
    Thanks to everyone who has helped to clean and move; and also to those who have offered to store things for the school.

    Directions to Summerdean Church of the Brethren: Follow Williamson Road past the current location until it meets Plantation Road. Turn Right onto Plantation Road and the church should be the first church on your right.

    As of June 1st, class dues are up $10, from $40/month to $50; still $10 for each additional person. This is the first increase in dues that i'm aware of in at least 6 years (probably even longer than that, but I've only been at the school for 6 years).

    Also, the yard/bake sale was cancelled due to the rain we got Sat. morning. We'll try again this Saturday, June 6th. So if you've still got stuff you'd like to donate to the school to sell, bring 'em in!

    Summer demos are here again. We have 3 at Festival in the Park in Roanoke: 1pm 5/25 Sunday, 2pm 5/26 Monday, 4pm 6/1 Sunday.
    We also have our annual demo at Cave Spring Jr High School for their Social Studies Fair/International Night.

    Good luck to Daniel Kratt who graduates this year will be going to serve our country in the US Air Force.
    Also a BIG Congratulations to our students who are graduating high school and to Alex Huynh who graduated from college and will be working with Cirque de Soleil in Las Vegas! WOW!!

    Wow. been a looong time since i've updated.
    Sorry. Things have sort of been non-stop since before christmas. I hope everyone had a great winter holiday(s) and hope the new year is going well for you. If not, well, Chinese New Year is Feb 1st!

    The Shaolin Wheel of Life show was here in Roanoke earlier this week (Tues., 2003.01.21). If you missed them or if you're wondering if they'll be coming near you, their tour schedule is on their website at

    LAN Party!!!
    Halloween Party!!!

    We're planning a couple parties for Friday & Saturday, Oct. 25-26, 2002 at the school. A LAN party on Friday to precede our annual Halloween party/sleepover Saturday evening.

    Here's a little more info about the LAN party.
    It'll be a lot of fun, hope to see you there.

    Finally got time and stuff to capture and encode more videos from Festival in the Park!

    Put up some links to some other cool stuff on the web! If you have any sites you'd like to suggest to our Links page, send them to (of course, remove the _NO_SPAM_ part).


    July 20 and Aug 3 @ Smith Mountain Lake
    Don't forget to put your name down on the sign-up sheets on the bulletin board at school. Bring lotsa food!

    Congratulations to Alex and Daniel K. at the 2002 Bluegrass Nationals!
    Alex placed 2nd in Weapons and Forms.
    Daniel got 1st in Weapons and Forms.
    (I think... someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

    The Shaolin Dragons finally have their own domain! (and a good webhost)

    So far we've only got a picture gallery going and some videos. Check back from time to time. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep this site up to date and have some interesting stuff.